Roccaraso is the ideal destination for a holiday in the mountains, a place where nature still thrives and where snow, sport and relaxation come together to create an absolutely perfect mix. You can reach Roccaraso at any time of the year, and at the Hotel Cristal you can regenerate yourself in complete rest thanks to all the comforts offered by our structure or, if you prefer, dedicate yourself to your passion for sport, practicing skiing, snowboarding, taking long walks with snowshoes or on horseback and carry out many other activities, suitable not only for the more experienced, but also for beginners.


The Aremogna plain or Aremogna plateau is a mountain plateau in southern Abruzzo, located in the municipal area of ​​Roccaraso, in the lower province of L'Aquila, at an average altitude of 1450 m a.s.l., surrounded to the west by the Roccaraso mountains, a subgroup of the massif of Monte Greco. The ski lifts of the Roccaraso ski resort branch off from it, included within the Alto Sangro ski area. Below the Aremogna plain to the north, at an altitude of about 1265 m, is the Cinquemiglia plateau. The Aremogna plain sometimes records negative minimum winter temperature records.

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Activities & Winter

Here it is possible to fully enjoy all seasons: in winter the snow-covered landscape allows the practice of the typical seasonal sports (alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing), while in autumn and spring an explosion of colors offers ideal scenarios for relaxing stays.

Other activities are:

  • Lunch on the slopes
  • Partnered Ski School
  • Animation
  • Ski Room
  • Ice skating

Activities & Summer

During the summer, the area offers a refuge from the heat of the beaches and big cities, allowing for many outdoor activities, including excursions, nature walks, mountain bike rides and north walking.

Other activities are:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Outdoor picnic
  • Aperitifs dined outdoors
  • Horse riding
  • Quad rental


The Museum of Transhumance and the permanent exhibition of "Futuro Remoto", interesting and able to attract visitors, but also to raise awareness and awareness in the local community pride of one's identity, reconstructing the links between all the elements of history (nature, culture, tradition, religion, language and eating habits).

The craftsmanship and the offer of typical products (from sheep and cattle cheeses to trout, from orapi or wild spinach to beans and maize, from honey to black cherry and quince jelly desserts, from forest products to the processing of ratafia, nocino, fragolino and cotognino) complete an offer that is appreciated by everyone, young and old, alone, in the family or in a group.

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